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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Authenticating with Active Directory

This is how to configure MindTouch Core (Deki Wiki) 10.1.4 to authenticate with Active Directory.
  • From the wiki, go to Tools > Control Panel.
  • Go to System Settings > Authentication on the left.
  • Click the Add Authentication Service tab.
    • For Choose an authentication provider, choose LDAP.
    • For Description, choose how you want it to show up on the login page.
    • For Service Identifier (SID), use sid://mindtouch.com/ent/2009/03/ldap-authentication
      • This is the default value for new LDAP configurations.  The one that was imported from Deki 8.08.2 was sid://mindtouch.com/2007/05/ldap-authentication, though that seemed to work just fine as well.
    • Select Default authentication provider if you want it to be selected by default on the login page.  Chances are you do.
    • For hostname, put your fully qualified domain controller name, such as myserver.mydomain.com.
    • For bindingdn, put $1@mydomain.com, substituting mydomain.com for your own.
    • For searchbase, put each segment of your domain in DC=x,DC=y format, such as DC=mydomain,DC=com.
    • For userquery, put samAccountName=$1.
    • Under Preferences, add key displayname-pattern and give it value {givenname} {SN}.

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